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Baby Chiropractor Melbourne Dr. Jim

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Baby Chiropractor Melbourne - Dr. Jim Skivalidas


Dr. Jim Skivalidas is Baby Chiropractor Melbourne, in Port Melbourne, in general chiropractic practice treating all members of the family with a special interest in babies. Dr  Jim Skivalidas, baby chiropractor melbourne treats all members of the family from babies, children, adults, pregnant women right through to senior citizens.


Jim has been providing holistic health care for babies for 17 years+ using a gentle baby chiropractic approach which encompasses infant/paediatric cranial chiropractic and activator technique. Baby chiropractic melbourne care with Dr. Jim, may demonstrate a positive result in some babies,  helping babies suffering from an irritated nervous system or mechanical stresses within their bodies.


Based on 17+ years of experience, Jim recommends that babies be routinely assessed by a chiropractor to check for misalignment. In some babies, the symptoms they may suffer from may be contributed by a traumatic birth, be it a caesarean section, a ventouse or forceps extraction, or an abnormally rapid or long dry labour. Some babies may benefit from baby chiropractic melbourne care. Here are some common reasons and symptoms that babies present with and come to us, which may include:

  • Excessive crying or screaming

  • Inconsolable or will not be put down

  • Disturbed sleep patterns

  • Breast feeding problems like latching on or suckling

  • Digestive issues i.e., colic, wind, reflux, excessive possiting

  • Flat or misshapen head shape or limb i.e, plagiocephaly and talipes

  • Recurrent infections i.e., sticky eye, blocked nose, coughing, sneezing, recurrent ear & chest infections

  • Restricted movement of the neck, the limbs, or a generalised stiffness in their spine

  • Intervention in delivery

Please spend some time looking at our website, and if you have any concerns or questions about your baby then please do get in touch as they can usually be helped. Dr. Jim is a caring, family orientated baby chiropractor. He is also equally skilled in treating children and adults too.


Dr. Jim, child and baby chiropractor melbourne is based at the "Melbourne Chiropractic & Bedding Clinic, Wellness Centre" at 55 Rouse Street in Port Melbourne near Melbourne's CBD so please give baby chiropractor melbourne a call on 9646 8600 to make an appointment. We are here to help.

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Our baby chiropractor melbourne, Dr. Jim also sees children. Baby Chiropractic Melbourne care may reduce the severity of symptoms in some children with symptoms and challenged health issues including:

  • Bed wetting

  • Scoliosis

  • Adhd and other neurologically challenged issues

  • Ear Infections, Tonsilittis or other immune challenges.

5 Signs That Some Babies May Need An Adjustment

Child, Kids and Paediatric Baby Chiropractor Melbourne Disclaimer


Our Baby Chiropractor Melbourne - health care approach to babies and children is  


- Holistic. Dr. Jim, baby chiropractor melbourne provides parents advice around diet, nutrition, naturopathic supplements, sleep habits and posture, sleep beds and pillows, back pack postural advice, alignment and stretching.


- Complimentary. Our baby chiropractor melbourne, believes our holistic approach compliments the childs medical care and advice. If it is necessary we will refer to the family's family doctor.  


- Integrative. Baby chiropractor melbourne, Dr. Jim, works with other health care practitioners, be it a paediatric physiotherapist, dentist, child care worker etc. and educating the parents to be proactively involved in your babys/child health care program.


- We do not claim to cure conditions. Dr. Jim, baby chiropractor melbourne believe that some babies and children may benefit from our care by reducing the severity of their symptoms with our medically complimentary, holistic and integrative wellness approach. 

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3 reasons why parents may take their children, babies to see child, baby chiropractor melbourne practitioner, Dr. Jim


1. Baby Chiropractor Melbourne practitioner, Dr. Jim provides gentle low force holistic health care that may be able to provide benefit to some babies and children (and may reduce the severity of symptoms) with:

Asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies

Colic, irritable baby syndrome and digestive issues

ADHD, and other behavioural disorders including adhd as well as improve a child's ability to concentrate

Bedwetting and sleep issues

Strengthen immunity and reduce the incidence of colds, ear-aches and general illness.


2. Integrative Chiropractic approach by Baby Chiropractor Melbourne practitioner with the medical professionals.


Going beyond symptom relief, baby chiropractor melbourne looks at the physical development of the spine and nervous system (childs neural plasticity) as well as providing natural complimentary health care for your kids health conditions including nutritional, naturopathic, postural (orthotics, shoes, mattress, pillow and backpacks) and stretching movement advice. We believe our intergrative health approach helps bring together your doctor, paediatrician, maternity nurse to help you kid get the very best health advice. As we are primary health care practitioners, a referral is not necessary and we'll also will refer you to another practitioner if necessary. Our philosophy of health is called the dream for well-being. We look at diet (water, nutrition, toxins), rest (sleep cycles, sleep posture, beds and pillows), emotion and stress of family and community, activity (movement, stretches, range of movement of the various limbs) and mind - spine connection.


3. As Baby Chiropractor Melbourne, we believe with the number of success 'baby, child and kids' stories growing in the community, and many more biomedical practitioners and scientists providing invaluable information, the spine must be further considered in the wider local and global communities as a potiential contributor to little bodies not functioning at their best potential. The hundreds of reports make strong suggestions that a baby and childs overall health and wellbeing may be improved with holistic chiropractic care.

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